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Repair kits for plumbing, counter tops and floors

2 gram set standard black gel ceramic & porcelain

Product description

Repair set for Ceramics and Porcelain

Fixes: Splinters. Deep scratches. Wells. notches

Suitable for baths, shower trays and other acrylic sufaces

Non-toxic, no use of gloves or masks, repairs within 15 minutes and safe in food preparation space.

Liquid gel that flows easily into damage which the unevenness is virtually invisible restored. After repair object can immediately be put into use.

Set is suitable for approximately 20 small repairs

In the box

Set contents:
- 1 LED curing light
- 1 syringe 2 gram sanitary standard black acrylic gel
- 1 polishing paste
- 1 cellophane
- 2 sandpaper
- 2 mixing spatula
- 1 microfibre polishing cloth
- 1 micro-tip

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